Good Posture Made Easy

From going to P.T. for a bad back years ago, I learned that bad posture has a lot to do with a bad back. I wish I could have read this book about 60 years ago!


Good Posture Made Easy: Look and Feel Your Best for LifeTitle: Good Posture Made Easy
Author: Carrie Mayes, B.S., M.A., D.C.
Publisher: Life Wise Ventures
ISBN: 978-0-9860804-0-1

“Becoming aware of postural tendencies and then paying attention to the position the body is in during all rest and activity is the key,” Carrie Mayes writes in her book, Good Posture Made Easy: Look and Feel Your Best for Life.

At fifty pages, this paperback targets those seeking ways to have better posture from the suggestions and advice of a chiropractor. After two pages of reviews, a disclaimer, preface, and introduction, eight chapters covers the subject, ending with closing comments, acknowledgments, and the author’s biography. Eight grayed illustrations with one duplication are spread throughout the book.

For the past fourteen years, author Mayes has maintained a private chiropractic office. Concentrating on the human body’s posture, the ergonomics consultant presents programs and workshops on the relationship between posture and health.

Stating that good…

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