BFFs at Oneida Seminary

The thing that really spoke to me here was the fact that Isabella admits her jealousy to the Lord and then accepts the friendship which would prove to be a lifelong one. How often we might miss some of the Lord’s richest blessings in our lives because of the wrong attitude about one person/thing.

Isabella Alden

Young Isabella Alden in an undated photo Young Isabella Alden in an undated photo

For most of her young life, Isabella Alden was educated at home by her parents and an occasional tutor. But all that changed when she was about fourteen years old.  That’s when her parents enrolled her in Oneida Seminary in Oneida, New York.

The school was almost 80 miles away from her family’s home in Johnstown, New York; but that didn’t mean Isabella would be at the school alone.

Her older sister Marcia and Marcia’s husband Charles Livingston were also at Oneida Seminary. Marcia and Charles lived in apartments on the campus because Charles was a professor at the school; so Isabella had family close by.

Oneida Seminary Oneida Seminary

At Oneida Seminary the male and female students were separated in their classrooms, study areas and living quarters; so making strong friendships with other female students would have been natural for Isabella. She often crossed paths with Theodosia…

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