Fifty Shades of Hope: A letter to my husband

Delaney Reyburn is unto something special here. I applaud her and agree with her, too.

Dalene Reyburn

Dear you

I was chopping tomatoes when Cameron said matter-of-fact:

‘Mommy, I’ve seen you and Dad having one of your special cuddles.’

I gave a calm non-committal oh… Feigned intense fascination with rearranging the lettuce…

And later you and I conferred in whispered alarm and determined it couldn’t possibly have been that kind of special cuddle, could it?

But it made me think. Maybe our boys should see us snogging in the kitchen more often, even if it grosses them out. And even though you come home grey-faced after long days and I keep finding grey hairs in the mirror, maybe we need to paint for them the bright colours of marriage because the world doesn’t need any more grey. There are too many grey lives botched and blotched by sin, suffering and complacency. Marriages choking lonely and frustrated and sliding insidious into grey areas in a desperate attempt to…

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