Better All the Time

Sounds like an interesting book; but one which may not be for everyone. Those who are spiritually immature should perhaps pass on it from what I have read.


Title: Better All the Time
Author: Carre Armstrong Gardner
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4143-8815-1

“But keep this in mind, Seph: you’re never going to lose enough weight to shed the fat girl inside. You’re going to have to figure out a different way to do that,” Sephy is told in Carre Armstrong Gardner’s novel, Better All the Time.

Second in the Darling Family series, this four hundred and sixteen-page paperback targets those interested in a contemporary romantic fiction involving self-awareness and relationship problems. With some slang words, topics of alcohol and drug use may not be appropriate for immature readers. Using references from the New International Version of the Holy Bible and The Message, the book’s ending contains acknowledgments and the author’s biography.

Author Gardner believes everyone are heroes with their fascinating dramas to tell as she focuses on their ordinary, everyday lives. Raised in New York’s Adirondacks…

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