Grace’s Ground War

This series Hallee Bridgeman is currently writing sounds awesome! You can’t go wrong reading history. (Of course, history was my favorite subject in High School.)

Weekly Musings

hallee_bridgeman-682x1024 This week we welcome Hallee Bridgeman. Hi, Hallee, please tell us about Grace’s Ground War?Grace’s Ground War is part 5 in my 7-part serialized World War II story, Virtues and Valor. The series is about a special team of 7 women who are all part of a huge mission in Occupied France. All 7 women have code-names that are a heavenly virtue (Temperance, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Grace, Mercy, Faith). In book 1, Temperance’s Trial, the wireless operator is captured by the Nazi’s. The following 6 books are the stories of the planning and execution of her rescue. Every book is told from the perspective of a different member of the team.

Grace’s Ground War is about Ruth Aubertin, a soldier who has been trained alongside her two brothers since birth by their WWI veteran father who believed the Germans would be back. Their family is a…

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