Friday Weekend Escape to the Wood, Marble and Bronze of Kerimäki and surrounds

I always enjoy the interviews with Mariam Ueckerman. She is a blessing to me.

Narelle Atkins

by Marion Ueckermann

It’s good to be here…again…taking you all on another Finnish weekend escape. We’re not travelling far from where we stopped in Savonlinna last weekend, and although some twenty-three kilometers away, the town of Kerimäki was consolidated with Savonlinna two years ago.

But before we leave quaint Savonlinna, there’s somewhere I need to take you first—a park close to the center of town. My husband, Noel, and I had fun here creating our own “Where’s Wally” photos behind this huge bronze statue.

Savonlinna statues

Another interesting statue we found in Savonlinna was close to Olavinlinna Castle. Known as the “Spirit of the Castle,” this tall, full-figure metal statue is of Danish knight, Erick Axelsson Tott, clad in armor and gazing toward the castle he had founded—Olavinlinna. The statue was erected on the Tallisaari Island on the 500th anniversary of the castle.

Danish Knight

Another famous Savonlinna statue is “The Black Ram.” A…

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