I Wish I Was a Panda

Pandas are my favorite large animal as opposed to small animals like dogs/cats. This would make a great Christmas present for a child 4-12 years old. Most children thoroughly enjoy books about animals; so this is just in time for a gift to put under your Christmas tree.


Children Book : I Wish I Were a PANDA (Great Picture Book for Kids) Panda Books for Kids (Ages 4 - 12) (Animal Habitats and Books for Early/Beginner Readers 10)Title: I Wish I Was a Panda
Author: Dan Jackson
Publisher: Unknown

“If I was a panda, people would fly across the world to take my picture. I would be a symbol of peace and gentleness, a promise to protect animals everywhere,” Dan Jackson writes about these creatures in his book, I Wish I Was a Panda.

This thirty-six page e-book targets children ages four to twelve year old who enjoy learning about animals, especially the uniquely looking panda. Due to its complicated wording, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers. With no scary scenes or violence, it would make a nice bedtime or quiet time story.

Although a white polar bear is on the front cover, inside are twenty-two color photographs of this mammal, some being duplicated. The ending includes a recommendation of a children’s book by another author along with a website link…

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