The Last Toqeph and Giveaway

This is a new genre for me. I haven’t personally read anything in the fantasy genre for many years. But how interesting!

Weekly Musings

Lost and FoundYvonne Anderson visits with us about her new release, The Last Toqeph. Please tell us about your book.

The Last Toqeph is the final title in the four-book space fantasy series “Gateway to Gannah.”

The story unfolds on a distant planet in the far future, and it deals with such things as the struggle between truth and fallacy, racial differences, and family dynamics. Because it takes place in the future and contains space travel, it’s properly categorized as science fiction. But I prefer the term space fantasy because there’s very little science involved. The story is mostly about how human nature drives our actions but God controls the course of events.

Back cover blurb: While traveling through desolate terrain, Adam stumbles upon an impossibility: a village of Old Gannahans. Didn’t they all die decades ago? It’s hard to believe. Harder yet, it seems one of them is the…

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