Friday Weekend Escape to Savonlinna and the Opera Festival, Finland

It is so cool that Marion Ueckermann so graciously shares her photss/thoughts with us as she travels.

Narelle Atkins

By Marion Ueckermann

I hope you’ve been as excited to see the sights of the quaint town of Savonlinna, located in the south-eastern Lakeland district of Finland, as I’ve been to show them to you. Narelle, thank you for hosting me again.

Savonlinna Finland

With the amount of water surrounding Savonlinna, it was no surprise that one of the first things to greet us were the boats. Some moored, waiting for a sunny weekend; some seemingly abandoned; show boats taking tourists sightseeing; and yachts banked up on the green verges of the lake.

Savonlinna boats

It was the single wooden ‘viking-type’ rowboat that really caught our attention and had us fascinated by its beauty and perfection.

Savonlinna Viking type canoe

 As we strolled through the town, we came across a quaint area of cobbled streets and vintage-style shops with colorful window boxes.

Savonlinna streets

It was here that we began to spot the black-suited musicians pressing forward, instruments in hand…

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