“TRADING SECRETS” By Melody Carlson (Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review)

I know Melody Carlson is a very capable author. I’m confident she has another winner here.

Gracious Woman


You are in for a treat. When a young adult book completely entrances me, an avid adult reader of advanced fiction, you know you have a winner.

This book is engrossing, different, real, entertaining, and fun. I would hand it to any friend – young or old – with complete confidence. Carlson handles the Amish dilemmas of life quite well, letting it speak for itself – neither appluading it, idolizing it, looking at it with rose-colored glasses, or trashing it.

In the meantime, she weaves an adorable story about two older teens — I don’t want to give it away, but I would recommend this one. If you give books for gifts, this would be perfect for a teenage girl.

Have YOU ever seen a handsome Amish man? (there’s one in this book.)

PS The English girl’s father has some weak ideas of God, but it’s not the books focus, nor…

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