Where Treetops Glisten and Sarah Sundin

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Where Treetops GlistenWelcome back to Kimbely’s Musing, Sarah.

Please tell us about your book.

Where Treetops Glisten is a Christmas novella collection which follows three siblings through World War II. In my story, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, fighter pilot Lt. Pete Turner is running on empty, but coming home for Christmas doesn’t help him fill his tank. When he encounters a precocious little girl in need of his friendship, can he convince her widowed mother, Grace Kessler, that he’s no longer the bully she once knew? And will Pete’s Christmas gift fill the empty places in their hearts?
Will you share a short excerpt?

Friday, December 3, 1943

Lafayette, Indiana

The door of Loeb’s department store opened, and Pete held the door for two ladies burdened with packages. When they thanked him, he said, “You’re welcome” but couldn’t smile. How could he with that infernal song billowing through the open…

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