A Marriage of Convenience by Debra Lynn Collins

A Marriage of Convenience

First of all, I’ve got a secret to share with you, that my favorite romances are the ones that begin with the couple not even caring for one another.  Then, little by little, they fall head over heels in love. 

This story began that way for sure.  It all begins in a lawyers office with a group of strangers as far as Lily is concerned.  She doesn’t have a clue who all these rich people are nor where they came from nor why they’re in the lawyer’s office with her. And they’re all old and so citified! Then walks in this tall handsome young man.  Bryce and his family look at this stranger and wonder who in the world this young lady is and why she is sitting with them.  Why, she looks like a country hick!  At least that is what Bryce’s family think.  Bryce sees some very beautiful young lady in spite of her cowgirl get up which includes a ponytail of all things.  Now that everyone is finally present; the lawyer speaks up somewhat annoyed that anyone would be late for this important meeting.  He gives all but two of them a sealed envelope addressed to them.  He states that is their inheritance from their Father.  They look inside to each find a $5,000.00 check.  They are furious with such a paltry amount and immediately let the lawyer know it!  He then asked them to watch a video he begins to show. 

In it, Mark Chapman in his own words, speaks particularly to Lily Meyers and Bryce Fowler, his only grandchild.  Mr. Chapman explains that on the day that Lily and Bryce are wed they will receive his ranch and his estate.  They must marry within three (3) months of the reading of his will and they must stay together at least nine (9) months in order to keep his fortune.  Wow!  Talk about a dilemma for both of them.  Bryce has never lived anywhere but in New York City and Lily has a five year old son Joey to support.  Oh, yes, Bryce has to go work on the Chapman’s Quarter Horse Ranch.  Lily will be his boss, of all things! They were given twenty four (24) hours in which to think it over before they were to return to the lawyer’s office.

Despite their individual misgivings, each of them showed up the next morning to finalize their commitment to the crazy conditions of this will. Then they find that they have both made wrong assumptions about each other. Bryce also learns that he has to deal with a real contender for Lily’s affection in Jake, the ranch foreman. Jake is furious with Lily also and tries to talk her out of the deal; reminds her there are other options. But she always insists that they only have to go through this for one year and then they can each walk away from each other to continue with their lives. After all, she wants Joey to be cared for all of his life. Joey, Lily’s five (5) year old, falls for Bryce from the very beginning moment of their meeting. Although he has never been around children; Bryce finds that he loves spending time with Joey and teaching him things as well as just doing things with him. Lily and Bryce both have much to learn during their three (3) month engagement. They find they like each other far more than they figured they would. But the rest of the story; well, you just need to read it for yourself. A delightful read!


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