Deadly Vows by Shirlee McCoy

This book was clearly a winner from the beginning to the fantastic end! Olivia rushed from her lavish Chicago penthouse after hastily packing a small suitcase following another argument with her husband of 10 years. Finally she realized that no matter how much she loved Ford; their marriage wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more from her marriage than occasional time together with more forgotten birthdays/anniversaries as well as other special days totally forgotten by her husband. With him; it was all about making yet another dollar; pulling off another deal. Unfortunately she hadn’t run far when she witnessed a famous crime boss pull out a gun and just kill another man in cold blood. Thus began her run for her life with the help of the U.S. Marshall Service. Already she’d been moved at least once due to a call that was way too close! Shortly after this all began, Olivia learns that she is pregnant. Although he had been totally against them ever having a baby; she believes that he should know he is going to become a Father. And then, out of the blue, here comes her husband Ford. Wow! And he says he has changed; but has he really? Immediately almost their position is once again compromised and they are hurriedly moved. Someone suggests to Ford that it is quite possible that there is a leak within the U.S. Marshalls. Livey, as Ford calls her, does tell Ford that he is going to be a Father. Although unhappy about it; he doesn’t put all the blame on her or storm out; both things he probably would have done even 6 months ago.

Shortly after this move; Ford gets a feeling that something is terribly wrong. Everything is too quiet. In his gut; he is sure something is wrong. And he has learned over his years in business to trust his gut. He asks one of the Marshalls to check the property. Non too pleased the agent half-heartedly agrees to check. Within a few minutes; he and Olivia hear a window below crashing from a bullet. He grabs Lively and they run through the upstairs window; onto a tree, and onto the roof of the home next door.

All too soon again after this quick exit; they have to decide whether they are going to trust the U.S. Marshall service anymore or not. When an FBI Agent they know calls this time; they decide they must trust someone. They tell him where they are and he tells them to stay inside until they get a call from the FBI agents that they have arrived. They do exactly as he said. Ford decides his phone might be a giveaway; so he chucks it in the waste can at the store. When they go out; there is some shooting. Shortly after this on the way to the air port; there is another shooting from beside them. This time several of the agents there to protect the Livily are also shot so Ford gets out of the car and grabs the gun of one of the fallen agents and helps shoot the hired gunmen. It turns out that Ford is badly hurt and must spend a lot of time in the hospital. Before Livily knows whether Ford will live or die; she has to admit to herself that she does love him and she really wants him to recover so that she can tell him. She has to admit that he has changed so much from the man he was before she walked out of their home. He is no longer focused only on his work and making the next sale. He has been so concerned for her life and even the life of the baby. His dream for their life has changed so much that he even thinks it might be nice to have several children running around inside their small home with a white picket fence. And she seen the proof that he loves her. But will he even live for her to tell him? And will they either one live until the trial? Only God can keep them alive. Olivia’s trust in God has been severely tested; but she trusts Him still.

The rest of this marvelous story I’ll leave for you to discover for yourself.Deadly Vows


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